EA Wet-Look Sealer – 1 Gallon

Eco Advance Wet-Look Sealer is a waterborne, chemical resistant, film forming concrete / masonry sealer.  This one component product provides the performance and protection comparable to a two component epoxy coating.


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The cured coating will have great adhesion and durability; with excellent hot tire pick-up resistance; and superior water, oil, solvent, and food stain resistance.  EA Wet-Look Sealer is ideal for interior and exterior cementious surfaces such as garage floors, driveways, sidewalks, brick, stone, patios, pavers, overlays and decorative concrete.  It can also handle the demands of high-traffic commercial applications.


Eco Advance Wet-Look Sealer is highly resistant to chemicals, heavy traffic, UV degradation and provide excellent water and stain repellancy.  Ideal for use on patios, sidewalks / walkways, pool decks, driveways, interior concrete floors, etc.


Product Details

Product Use Concrete, Brick , Stone, Pavers, Painted Surface
Coverage 50 to 200 sq ft depending on surface texture & porosity
Finish / Sheen Gloss, Semi-Gloss
Dry Time Dry to touch in 1 hour / light traffic in 24 hours / normal traffic in 48 hours
Algae, Mold, Mildew Resistant Yes
Base Material Water-Based
Application Temp 34F to 100F
Application Method Sprayer, Roller, Brush
Clean Up Soap & Water
pH 8.3
VOC Level <100 g/l
Flammable No
Warranty Limited 5-Year
Available Packaging 1 Gallon , 5 Gallon, 30 Gallon, 50 Gallon, 275 Gallon


Material … Approx Coverage Sq/Ft per Gallon
Most Substrates ………..……. 50 – 200*
*Varies by surface texture and porosity.


  • Excellent water and early moisture resistance
  • Excellent grease, oil, solvent and food stain resistance
  • Provides very good hot tire pick-up resistance
  • Produces excellent gloss
  • VOC Compliant
  • Very good adhesion to concrete and masonry substrates
  • Excellent water blush resistance
  • Good exterior weatherability
  • Dries completely clear / non-yellowing
  • Resistant to UV degradation allowing for long-term protection


Preparing Surface

Proper preparation should be followed to ensure adequate coating adhesion to substrate and to optimize product performance. Testing should be done to determine whether or not the following ASTM standard preparations are necessary to maximize coating adhesion and performance:

  • ASTM D 4258 Standard Practice for Surface Cleaning of Concrete, Stone, Etc. for coating.
  • ASTM D 4259 Standard Practice for Abrading Concrete.
  • ASTM D 4260 Standard Practice for Acid Etching Concrete.
  • These may provide applicable pre-coating concrete preparation techniques. Additional guidance can also be found in SSPC-SP 13/NACE NO. 6 SURFACE PREPARATION OF CONCRETE.
  • All curing agents, hardeners, oil, grease, form release oil, dirt, laitance, concrete dust or other contaminants must be removed prior to beginning coating processes. *Do not use over sealers containing waxes or silicone.
  • Surface preparation methods should result in clean surface, devoid of contaminated surfaces with ideally an adequate surface profile (surface similar to medium grade sandpaper).
  • Inspect surface for soundness. Repair or remove any surface irregularities and loose concrete. Use an approved crack filler on holes and cracks. When surface is clean, sound and dry proceed with coating application.
  • When using for the first time it is advisable to coat a small test patch on representative concrete and verify adhesion level before proceeding to large scale coating projects.

How to Apply

  • Shake or stir mixture vigorously for 30 – 45 seconds and then let sit for 5 to 10 minutes before applying.
  • Product may be thinned with water if required.
  • ECO ADVANCE WET-LOOK SEALER May be applied by spraying, rollers or by brush.
  • To prevent lapping and dry marks be sure you are using the recommended coverage rate of 50 to 200 sq/ft per/gallon depending on surface porousity.
  • Avoid over-application, heavy runs and drips should be brushed or rolled smooth.
  • Metal surfaces should be clean and free of rust and contaminants. If rust is present, removal with high pressure wash is advised. A metal primer is recommended if all rust cannot be removed.

Allow the first coat to dry within 30 minutes before applying the second coat.  A wet on wet application is ideal for better adhesion of each coating.  Additional coats (no more than 4) may be added for a higher gloss and added protection.


Pad Application: Pour a 6” to 8” wide line of finish along the starting wall. Draw a clean, pre-dampened applicator forward. Moving the finish toward the opposite wall. Hold the applicator at a “snowplow” angle to maintain a wet edge at all times. (Maintain at least 3” wide wet edge at all times to ensure proper coverage rate.) Roller Application: Pour a 4” to 6” wide line of finish along the starting wall Roll at moderate speed using a short nap roller (maintain at least 3” wide wet edge at all times). Spray Application: Spray until substrate is uniformly coated. Avoid over application, heavy runs and drip should be thoroughly brushed into surface. Additional coatings should be applied within 30 minutes of previous coat.

Additional information

Product Use

Brick, Concrete, EIFS, Exterior Wood, Pavers, Stone



Application Method

Brush, Roller, Sprayer